International Understanding Lectures in English

■English lectures(NO Japanese interpretation provided)
■For intermediate to advanced learners of English, 16 years old and above
■Fee: ¥3,080 for three times
■Apply: by telephone or email, first come, first served.
#1: Sat. May 13th, 10:30 am. - 12:00
instructor: Mr. Stephen Johnson (American), topic: Understanding English through American History
#2: Sat. May 20th, 10:30 am. - 12:00
instructor: Mr. Chart David (British), topic: ‘SHINTO’ from the Shore
#3: Sat. June 10th, 10:30 am. - 12:00
instructor: Ms. Shinnyamabuu Tsolmon (Mongolian), topic: Point to View of Nomadic People