'What's an elementary school like in Japan?' 'I don't speak Japanese, so I won't understand the orientation session...'etc. Having foreign children going to Japanese schools, some of you may feel worried about these kinds of things as the beginning of the Japanese school year (April) approaches. The information session will help you get ready to send your children to Japanese elementary schools.

Through talks by a former ES principal and experienced mothers, video presentation, and a multilingual guidebook (including Japanese original text with Furigana as well), you will have an opportunity to learn about elementary school life in Japan, what are needed for new students on the first day, etc.

When : January 28, 2023 (Sat) 13:30~16:00
Where: Kawasaki International Center Hall
Fee: Free (Interpretation and/or childcare services are available by advance reservation)
For further information and making reservations: TEL 044-455-8811, E-mail: soudan39@kian.or.jp, or come to the Center.

For more information, please visit our website below or leaflet.


A Happy New Year 2023!

2023 is the 5th year of Reiwa and the year of a rabbit in the Japanese zodiac.
Eto is the 12-year cycle associated with 12 Zodiac animals in Japan.
The 12 zodiac animals are also used for a direction, time, and date.

In order, the 12 animals are Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster/Chicken, Dog, Boar.
It is very interesting to know that an imaginary animal such as Dragon is included here.

2023 is the year of Rabbit.
It is believed that the year of Rabbit is when we can jump forward and be blessed with many offspring like this animal.
We hope to make this year filled with strong growth and peace.

Kawasaki International Center is going to hold an annual Japanese Speech Contest for Foreign Residents. The winner will be given a gift certificate worth 30,000 yen! Why not enter this contest?

Application period: December 1st 2022 (Thu) to January 18th 2023 (Wed)
Date of the contest: February 18th 2023 (Sat) 13:00 to 15:30
Notice: If cancelled due to bad weather it will be rescheduled on Saturday, March 4th. (In case of another bad weather on March 4th, the contest will be cancelled this year.)
Venue: Kawasaki International Center hall

Notice: A gathering after the contest will not be held this year to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Entry qualification:
Applicants should be foreign residents aged 16 or over, whose native language is not Japanese, and have not lived in Japan for less than 5 years, falling into one of the categories as stated below:
1. Overseas students who are studying at high schools, universities and vocational colleges in Kawasaki city
2. Students who are taking Japanese language courses such as those given at civic center etc. in Kawasaki city
3. Those who are working or taking training at companies in Kawasaki city

Form of the speech contest: 5 minutes per person
Notice: For application form, you need a recommendation from your school principle for 1 and 2, from your work supervisor for 3
Each speech should be within 5 minutes.
A recommendation letter from your school principal (for Category 2), or from your supervisor in the workplace, should be attached to the application form.

Contact the Kawasaki International Center for details
For further information and application procedures, please contact Kawasaki International Center.

Tel. 044-435-7000 

"What's elementary school like in Japan?"
"I don't speak Japanese, so I won't understand the orientation session..." etc.
This information session addresses concerns like these held by foreign children and their parents or guardians about entering elementary school. Through a talk by a former ES principal, video presentation and a multilingual guidebook (includes also Japanese text with furigana), learn about elementary school life, what supplies the child will need on the first day, etc.
See the homepage of the Kawasaki International Association or a flyer for details.

When: January 28, 2023 (Sat) 13:30~16:00
Where: Kawasaki International Center Hall

For questions or reservations:
TEL 044-455-8811
E-mail: soudan39@kian.or.jp or come to the Center

※Childcare and interpreters available (reservation required)

How is your job hunting going in Japan?
Kawasaki International Center is pleased to announce that we are planning to organize the Job-Hunting Seminar for Foreign Residents. An experienced instructor will support your job searching with substantial guidance such as practical advice and demonstration. Please let us know if you need translation service at your application.
When: November 26th, 2022 (Sat) 10:00 am to noon
Where: Kawasaki International Center 2nd floor Activity Room
Kawasaki-shi Nakahara-ku Kizuki Gion-cho 2-2, from Tokyu Toyoko Line Motosumiyoshi station 10 minutes on foot
Limit: 20 people (first twenty to be accepted)
Fee: Free
Topics covered: ① Basic information about job-hunting ② Flow of the job-hunting process
③ Etiquette for job hunters ④ Practicing the job interview
⑤ Job-hunting Q&A
Instructor: Fang Zhen Hua, director of U Ken Education
For more information or to apply: contact the Kawasaki International Association
TEL: 044-435-7000 e-mail: soudan39@kian.or.jp  

It seems trees and leaves in Ikuta Ryokuchi Park located in the south part of Tama ward recently have gone red and yellow.
In this park, there is a museum called 'Japan open-air folk house museum'. You can enjoy 25 different types of Japanese folk houses that have been relocated from rural areas in Japan. You are welcome to dine or have tea in the soba restaurant called 'Shirakawagou' and other rest places.
Please check the further information on the below websites, translated into Multi languages including English.
Ikuta Ryokuchi https://www.ikutaryokuti.jp/
Restaurant and Cafe https://www.ikutaryokuti.jp/food_cafe.html
Access (15 min walk from the Mukogaoka-yuen station on the Odakyu Line) https://www.ikutaryokuti.jp/access.html

Day by day it is getting cooler and cooler, and we are coming close to the turn of the seasons. Russian army has been invading into the territory of Ukraine in defiance of strong opposition by the international community. Under such circumstances the Kawasaki International Center's One-Stop Center has often been enquired as to how to support the war victims of Ukraine. On this occasion we would like to announce how you could help them again.
Kawasaki International Center has been doing an emergency fund-raising activity for the war victims (children and families) of Ukraine in collaboration with UNICEF Kanagawa.
We have a charity collection box at the reception of the Kawasaki International Center; or you can make a donation on the Internet by visiting Ukraine Emergency Fund on UNICEF website (https://unicef-kanagawa.jp/topics/522/ External link).

The Kawasaki International Center is also providing consultation services for Ukraine evacuees in need as follows:
Monday through Saturday, 9:00 to 17:00
Telephone number: 044-455-8811
Online consultation on Zoom: https://kian.or.jp/kic/soudan.shtml (reservation required)
Languages: Consulting staff use a translation machine for Ukraine. For the availability of other languages, please check the schedule as below.

We are wishing the Ukrainian people peace as soon as possible.

We are pleased to announce that we plan to hold the 2022 job-hunting seminar at our place.

Date:Nov. 26, Saturday, 2022 (AM10:00-12:00)
Place:Kawasaki International Center, 2F, Activity room
Address: 2-2, Gion-machi, Kizuki, Nakahara-ward, Kawasaki
Access: 10 min walk from Moto-sumiyoshi station on Tokyu-Toyoko line
Capacity: 20 people, first-come-first-served basis
Fee:  Free
Contents: General information for job-hunting in Japan, including understanding basic job interview rules and manners in Japan Practice for job interviews. Q & A. 
Speaker: Ms. Hou Teika, who is a principal of Uken Educational School

If you are interested in attending this seminar, please apply for it by TEL 044-435-7000 or Email soudan39@kian.or.jp.

The intercultural communication program 'Fureai Koryu Kai' will be held on Zoom.

We will provide a Thailand cooking class where you learn about how to prepare its cuisine. The cooking instructor is from Thailand and she plans to introduce Thailand's culture to us. There will be Q&A and chat time, too. Join us at Fureai Koryu Kai and let's have a great time learning together!

Date: October 15th, Sat, 11:00-13:00
Participants: Junior high school students or over
Fee: Free
Application deadline: Please send us an e-mail to soudan39@kian.or.jp or apply at https://www.kian.or.jp/frm-wf-221.shtml by October 14th.

COVID-19 seventh wave

As soon as the national holiday in July was over, the number of new infections started increasing nationwide. Under this insecure circumstance, getting the correct information is very essential. The below URLs are for foreign residents living in Japan prepared by the Japanese government.

COVID-19 Multilingual Guide. 21 different languages including Easy Japanese are available.
https://www.covid19-info.jp/ External icon

What you need to know about vaccines.
https://www.mhlw.go.jp/stf/seisakunitsuite/bunya/vaccine_tagengo.html External icon

For safe travel in Japan. Guide for when you are feeling ill.
https://www.jnto.go.jp/emergency/jpn/mi_guide.html External icon

Wishing you all take care of yourself.

Fireworks Diplays

It is said that the history of Japanese fireworks displays goes back to the Warring States Period more than 430 years ago.
There is also a record that the Shogun TOKUGAWA Ieyasu enjoyed fireworks displays in the beginning of the Edo period. During the Edo Period which lasted for more than 260 years, the popularity of fireworks had been supported by a newly emerging class of townsmen (chonin) and had never declined.
While having gorgeous images, fireworks are considered to repose the dead souls. It is also assumed that there is a certain relationship between fireworks and the Obon (Bon Festival: August 13 to 16), a traditional Buddhist custom of welcoming back the spirits of the ancestors.
The Tamagawa Firework Festival is a historical event which started in 1929 to cerebrate the enforcement of the municipal organization. Following last year the Festival is to be cancelled again this year due to the prevention of spread of COVID-19 infection.
For more information, please visit the Kawasaki City's home page.
https://www.city.kawasaki.jp/280/page/0000117559.html?furigana=onExternal link

Unfortunately we had to cancel the Boccia event in the previous years due to the circumstance of COVID-19,
so this year we eagerly would like to hold it and do not want to miss it.

Please let us explain at first about Boccia for those who are not familiar with this sport.
Boccia is a ball sport born in Europe. It stands for a ball in Italian.
It became a Paralympic sport in 1984 and can be played regardless of nationality, gender or disability.
The game's aim is to throw leather balls -- colored red or blue as closely as possible to a white target ball.

KIAN will hold an international exchange game of Boccia this August.
Please join this fun event and enjoy having fellowship with international residents through playing boccia.

Date and time: August 20, Sat, from 10:00 to 12:00 p.m.
Venue: Kawasaki International Center, Hall
Targets: Adults and children in elementary student or above.
Applications to : TEL 044-435-7000,  E-mail: soudan39@kian.or.jp

We really look forward to your application!

Many of you might still feel worried about travelling far even though the Coronavirus infection is going down recently,
We would like to recommend Kawasaki City's tourist spots which you can visit without anxiety.
Why don't you check the website of Kawasaki City? Even the people who have long lived in Kawasaki City could find something new and attractive.
Kawasaki city tourist information
https://www.city.kawasaki.jp/miryoku/ External icon
https://www.city.kawasaki.jp/en/page/0000038666.html External icon

Promenade and walk in a city
https://www.city.kawasaki.jp/shisetsu/category/31-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0.html External icon

We have started to send 4th Vaccination tickets for the COVID-19.
Vaccine priority is currently given to the senior citizens as well as those with pre-existing conditions.
For further information, please check the website below.

https://www.city.kawasaki.jp/350/page/0000140188.html?furigana=on External icon

You can ask questions about COVID-19 vaccination and administrative procedures through the website below, which also includes the phone and facsimile numbers for contact and FAQ.

https://www.city.kawasaki.jp/en/category/136-4-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0.html External icon
The rainy season (Tsuyu) is over much earlier than usual this year, and we are now in the midst of summer! Please take good care for heat stroke by keeping you hydrated.

We call the early summer rainy season Tsuyu in Japanese. The seasonal rain front called the Baiu front is formed over thousands of kilometers east and west and gradually moves north over several weeks. It continues to rain near this front and keeps raining in June and July. Also, we enjoy colorful hydrangeas (ajisai) blooming during the Tsuyu period before summer kicks in.

By the way, we will hold a boccia competition on August 20th, Sat at our venue. Boccia is a Paralympic sport that anyone can play, with or without a disability. Your interest in this event is highly appreciated. The details will be announced soon.

For those who are thinking about living in municipal housing and, however, who do not know the details of the application procedures, we are going to have an information session to help them learn how to fill out the application form.
This session is available for the foreign residents who have lived or worked in the City of Kawasaki for more than one year.
On the advance reservation basis, we can provide translation services for the following languages: English, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, Tagalog (Filipino), Vietnamese, Thai, Indonesian, and Nepali. (Ukranian-language is also available through a machine translation system.)

Time: Saturday, June 11th, 10am to noon
Venue: Kawasaki International Center
Application: Applications are accepted by phone, email, or in person at the Kawasaki International Center, no later than Wednesday, June 8th, 16:30.
Tel: 044-455-8811
E-mail: soudan39@kian.or.jp
Please bring your income certificate for the previous year (e.g. certificate of income and withholding tax or taxation certificate)