Various courses for the new academic year have begun at Kawasaki International Center.
You can start the Japanese language course even in the middle of the term, so if you are
interested, please don't hesitate to contact us. For more information, please click on the link:

The Japanese name for May is Satsuki, and the name of the flower "Satsuki Azalea" that
blooms at this time of year is named after the Japanese name for May.

Please enjoy the colorful flowers of the Satsuki month in the pleasant weather.

From the end of April to the beginning of May, there is a consecutive holiday period called "Golden Week" in Japan. Today, let's talk a little about the holiday on May 5th, which is known as "Tango no sekku" (Children's Day)

May 5th is traditionally called 'Tango no sekku,' and is also currently called 'Children's Day.' On this day, we celebrate boys' health and growth; while the Girls' Festival is known as Hina-matsuri (literally Doll's Festival) on March 3rd.

Tango no sekku originally started in the Nara period (710-794) at the Imperial Court of Japan, on the day of Tango, which was May 5th of Japan's old lunar calendar and marked the change of seasons, as a habit of taking a Shôbu-yu (bath in which bundles of Japanese iris are floating) and drinking Shôbu-sake (liquor in which an iris leaf is soaked), because it was believed that iris was good for health and had apotropaic effects.

Later, with the rise of the samurai (warrior) class, Tango no sekku came to be celebrated because the Japanese name of iris (Shôbu) is a homophone of their martial (Shôbu) ethos.

Eventually this event became prevalent in townsman society in the middle of the Edo period (1603-1868) as a celebration of the birth and growth of boys, and the custom of displaying a "kabuto" (helmet), which is also a symbol of samurai, has been passed down to modern times.

The cherry blossoms are blooming late this year and they are finally in full bloom in the Tokyo area.
Spring brings a renewed sense of freshness, perhaps because many schools and workplaces are starting a new semester or a new fiscal year.

At Kawasaki International Center, courses for the new fiscal year will begin in April.
The "Japanese language course for foreigners" will begin on April 9th for the daytime session and the evening session on the 10th. You can join after the first day, so please contact us if you are interested.

For more information, please visit this website link:https://www.kian.or.jp/kic/004.shtml

Cherry Blossom Viewing

At last we have reached the long-awaited season of cherry blossoms. It is expected that the cherry blossoms will be in full bloom around the end of March and the beginning of April in Kawasaki and its vicinity.
On this occasion, we would like to introduce two spots where you can enjoy viewing cherry blossoms.

Nikaryo Yosui(approximately a 2-minue walk from Shukugawara Station, JR Nambu Line in Tama Ward)
This is a historical irrigation canal built in the early seventeenth century of the Edo period. It is still used for irrigation or environmental water. Along the canal there is a 2-kilometer-long row of about 400 cherry blossom trees.

Asaogawa(approximately a 3-minute walk from Kakio Station, Odakyu Line in Asao Ward)
A row of about 250 cherry blossom trees creates a pink tunnel along the river.

I cannot wait beautiful cherry blossoms in spring, can you?

We offer free counseling with an administrative scrivener once a month here in Kawasaki International Center on the following matters: Visa issues, Extending the period of stay, Changing the status of residence, Naturalization, Permanent visa, Long-term resident visa, Certificate of eligibility, Naturalization, International marriage/divorce, Nationality of a child, Establishing a company/branch of a foreign company, Employment of foreign nationals, etc. Please feel free to contact us.

Furthermore, the counseling services are offered in Japanese only. Please bring someone who speaks Japanese in case you don't. If you need an interpreter that requires a fee, contact the Kawasaki International Association two weeks before your reservation date.

Date: 3rd Sunday from 2:00 P.M. to 4:00 P.M.
Place: Kawasaki International Center / Please ask the receptionist on the first floor where to go.
Kawasaki International Center Tel: 044-435-7000
Watanabe Law Firm Tel: 044-750-0764

`Hinamatsuri', 'the Grils' festival' is celebrated on March 3rd in Japan. It is also called 'Momo no Sekku', which means 'Peach Blossom Festival.' Originating in the latter half of the 8th century during the Heian period, it is an occasion to pray for young girls' growth and happiness. Since ancient times, Peach Blossoms have been believed to ward off evil spirits.
Most families with girls display Hina dolls dressed in Heian period court costumes, peach blossoms, sweet rice crackers (Hina arare) and diamond-shaped rice cakes (Hishimochi). We celebrate the day by drinking sweet white liqueur (Shiro-zake) and eating mixed sushi with colorful ingredients (Chirashi-zushi).
Please enjoy the Hina Matsuri, which heralds the arrival of spring.

Kawasaki International Association is recruiting part-time contract employees who can handle foreign consultations and multicultural coexistence projects. Let's work together in a multinational team on fulfilling tasks.
For details such as the specified resume and essay, please check the website. The application deadline is March 4th.

We also accept inquiries by phone. Telephone:044-435-7000 Ito

The Kawasaki International Center will be holding a disaster drill to prepare for an earthquake or fire.

Date and Time: Thursday, February 29, 2024, 10:15 am - 11:50 am (participants admitted from 10:00 am)

・Emergency report experience (tsuho kunren)
・AED experience (AED taiken)
・Fire extinguisher experience (mizu shoukaki taiken)
・Earthquake simulation truck experience (kishinsha taiken)
・Smoke experience (kemuri taiken)
・Prepare meals outdoors (taki dashi)
・Display of emergency kit/supplies

Detailed information on our website: https://www.kian.or.jp/topics/bousai2402.shtml

No reservations are required, just come to the reception on the first floor of the Kawasaki International Center.
As we will speak in easy Japanese, feel free to join even if you have difficulty understanding Japanese!
We will prepare onigiri (rice balls) and hot misoshiru (miso soup).
The first 50 people can receive a survival kit, so, please come and join us.

There is a traditional Japanese calendar called Koyomi, in which days of seasonal changes such as twenty-four sekki are indicated.  February 4th is known as Risshun and considered to be the first day of spring according to the koyomi calendar.  The previous day, February 3rd is called Setsubun, whose literary meaning is 'seasonal division' (between winter and spring).  On the day of Setsubun, there is a traditional custom of mame-maki (bean scattering). It is a ritual to purify the home by driving away oni (evil spirits) that bring misfortune and bad health with them.

New Year started with the tragic occurrences: the Noto Peninsula Earthquake Disaster and the collision accident involving two aircrafts at Haneda airport. However, we hope to drive all the evil spirits away and to bring much good luck in by throwing beans during Setsubun.

The Japanese Red Cross Society is soliciting donations for the 'Reiwa 6 Noto Peninsula Earthquake Disaster Relief Fund.'


Kawasaki City Branch of Japanese Red Cross is also accepting donations for the 'Reiwa 6 Noto Peninsula Earthquake Disaster Relief Fund'.

On Saturday, January 27th, at 13:30, We will hold 'Information session for enrolling a foreign child in elementary school'
For application, call: 044-435-7000, email: soudan39@kian.or.jp, Free of chargeimg-20240123104332.jpg

The Kawasaki International Center will hold an elementary school admission guidance for parents and children related to foreign countries, which has been well-received every year.

We will answer your concerns and questions about entering elementary school, such as "What is an elementary school like?" "I don't speak Japanese and have difficulty understanding the school information session..." etc.

A former elementary school principal will explain school life through an animated video and a multilingual guidebook.

We will also explain what to prepare before enrollment and have a Q&A session with experienced foreign guardians. For more details, please check our website or flyers.

Date: Saturday, January 27, 2024 / 13:30~16:00
Place: Kawasaki International Center, Hall
Participation Fee: Free (Interpreters and childcare available, reservation required)
Reservation & Inquiry:
Tel 044-435-7000, visit the Center, e-mail soudan39@kian.or.jp

We're looking forward to your application!


In Japan, the year-end and New Year holidays have long been considered an important milestone. Instead of such expression as milestone or turning point, the term 'fushi-me' is commonly used in Japanese, meaning a short pause for change. We would like all of you to finish this year without any worry and get ready for a fresh start for 2024.

We are going to enjoy our year-end and New Year holidays as usual for the first time in four years. Although there is not still a low risk of infectious diseases when we have plenty of time to get together with our family and friends, we do hope you may be able to celebrate the new year peacefully. Please note that most medical institutions will be closed during the year-end and new year holidays. In case you need to see a doctor at this time, you can check which institutions are available through the websites shown below.

Please find Kawasaki City website as below.
Medical institute available for foreigners

Emergency Medical Information Center, Doctors in Kawasaki

Wishing you a Happy New Year!

The Kawasaki International Center will hold an elementary school admission guidance for parents and children related to foreign countries before the Spring enrollment period comes.

A former elementary school principal and experienced foreign guardians will explain and answer your questions about elementary school life through a video presentation and games. We welcome children who will be first graders in April, as well as elementary school students.

When?: Saturday, January 27, 2024
Where?: Kawasaki International Center / 2-2 Gion-cho, Nakahara-ku, Kawasaki-shi
For Whom?: Parents and children of non-native speakers of Japanese
How much?: Free

Please call or e-mail us for an application. We can arrange an interpreter if you make a reservation early.

TEL: 044-435-7000
E-mail: soudan39@kian.or.jp

At the Kawasaki International Center, we collect used school bags/supplies and clothes worn at entrance ceremonies or other school events. Then, we give them away to people who need them. Call us for a donation.

We are recruiting foreign residents to participate in the annual Japanese Speech Contest for Foreign Residents at Kawasaki International Center.

Application period: December 1st 2023 (Fri) to January 15th 2024 (Mon)
Date of the contest: February 10th 2024 (Sat) 13:00 to 15:30
Notice: If cancelled due to bad weather it will be rescheduled on Saturday, March 2nd . (In case of another bad weather on March 2nd , the contest will be cancelled this year.)

Venue: Kawasaki International Center hall
Notice: A gathering after the contest will not be held this year to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
Entry qualification:
Applicants should be foreign residents aged 16 or over, whose native language is not Japanese, and have not lived in Japan for less than 5 years, falling into one of the categories as stated below:
1. Overseas students who are studying at high schools, universities and vocational colleges in Kawasaki city
2. Students who are taking Japanese language courses such as those given at civic center etc. in Kawasaki city
3. Those who are working or taking training at companies in Kawasaki city

Notice: For application form, you need a recommendation from your school principle for 1 and 2, from your work supervisor for 3
Form of the speech contest: 5 minutes per person
The winner will be given a gift certificate worth 30,000 yen!

For further information and application procedures, please contact Kawasaki International Center.
Tel. 044-435-7000 https://www.kian.or.jp/kic/topics/speech23.shtml

Why not enter this contest?

At the Kawasaki International Center, we hand out used school bags/supplies to people who attend the elementary school admission guidance held every year and individuals who need them.

If you have used school bags/supplies and clothes worn at entrance ceremonies or other school events in relatively good condition, we will reuse them effectively. Call us for a donation. Tel: 044-435-7000

As previously announced, the building of the Kawasaki International Center is to be under construction from September 2023 to March 2024.
The consultation service at the One-Stop Center is available (either in person, or through media such as telephone, Zoom, e-mail and facsimile) as usual during the construction period. However, please note that some noise may bother you. It would be appreciated if you could kindly understand the current situation.
For further details, please contact us through our website shown below or by phone.


One-Stop Center:044-455-8811
Switchboard number: 044⁻435-7000
We appreciate you understanding and cooperation.