Tokiko Kato ‘Mini Concert and Talk Event for the late Dr. Nakamura Tetsu’

Ms. Tokiko Kato, a famous Japanese singer and the author of the book ‘I can hear the voice of Tetsu’ will have a Mini Concert and Talk Event for the late Dr. Nakamura Tetsu who was gunned down while doing humanitarian work in Afghanistan on Dec. 4, 2019. This event is presented by KIAN’s Global Citizens’ Course. In this concert, she will not only sing songs, but also share about her correspondence with him during his lifetime. She will also talk about her struggling to deal with environmental issues.

Place: The Main Hall at the Saiwai Ward Bunka or Culture Center.
Date: May 26, Thursday. The door opens at 15:30 and the performance begins at 16:00pm.

Ticket Information: If you are interested in this event, please feel free to contact with us by phone or stop-by during our business hours. The details are available at the below websites.

Kawasaki International Association Center Tel044-435-7000, Monday through Saturday, 9:00–17:00
2-2, Kizuki Gion Cho, Nakahara Ward, Kawasaki City
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