’Wai-Wai International Online Gathering on ZOOM at 2:00 p.m. on Saturday, December 18th

These days you may enjoy your private time at home, warm and safe, looking through the window at fallen leaves fluttering on street. The Kawasaki International Association will newly organize the ‘Online Wai-Wai International Exchange’ on zoom. You can participate in it at home easily. Let’s enjoy chatting together in plain Japanese regardless of nationality.

The topic of the 1st Online Gathering is ‘How Your Spend Your New Year’s Holiday in Your Country.’ You can introduce the cultural traditions of your home country for this season such as special foods and ornaments, or you can just enjoy conversation with other participants about whatever you are interested in.

For further information and application procedures, please contact the Kawasaki International Association by sending an e-mail to: soudan39@kian.or.jp, no later than Monday, December 13. When sending an e-mail, please specify:

  1. ‘name of the event’
  2. your name
  3. nationality
  4. e-mail address

Those who answer the questionnaire at the end of the event will be given a favorite cooking recipe without omission.