The Guidance for 2022 Public High School Enrollment

The Guidance for 2022 Public High School Enrollment will be held at KIAN. Those who are interested in learning about the Kanagawa prefecture public high school system are welcome to attend it. Free individual consultation with a legal specialist to make documents. Interpreters available. Admission free but reservation required.

  • Sat, November 20th, 13:00–16:00 @ Hall of KIAN
  • Information provided includes: types of high schools, system of entrance examination, eligibility, etc.
  • Students and their families who have the links to the foreign countries
  • Seating capacity 20 families (up to 3 persons per 1 group)
  • Please feel free to ask us any question by
  • Please apply via
  • After you apply, we will send you confirmation email with the reservation number created for you.
  • Please tell your reservation number to the staff at the venue. Please bring the guidebook you have already when attending the guidance. You can browse the guidebook at