Satsuki flowers

Japan has a calendar peculiar to their country. It is called 'Wareki' which started to be used since 7th century. Each month is named differently. For example, May has the Wareki name as 'Satsuki'. Rice has been a staple food in Japan since ancient years ago and it is consider May is the good season for rice-planting. People in the old times used to call the month 'Sanae-tsuki' which stands for the month to plant rice seeding, and this word is eventually shortened to 'Satsuki'.
The flower 'Satsuki tsutsuji' (English name 'Azelea') blooming in May is called 'Satsuki' whose neme is shortened from 'Tsutsuji'.
Satsuki flowers erupt various colors from late spring till early summer and give us a lot of energy and peace to us.