Download 'May ii' right now! Be a member of kindness, with this App.

Do you know 'May ii'? It is an application software to connect those who have difficulty finding destinations or having linguistic communication, and those who can help the former solve their problems, in several areas of Kawasaki.This autumn it is now being promoted as part of 'Kawasaki Para Movement.'
When you are lost in town or you need to understand Japanese, you can find someone to help you by using this application software.It is very easy to use it. Only you have to do is to enter what you need. Then your request will be forwarded instantly to someone near you, and you can meet him or her on the spot.
This 'May ii' application software is available around the areas of the following stations: Kawasaki; Musashi-Kosugi; Musashi-Mizonokuchi; Noborito; and Shin-Yurigaoka.And it is currently available in Japanese, English, and Korean.Let's look for partners to help expand the field of our activities with 'May ii'!For further information, please click the sites below.
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