Rainy Season ‘Tsuyu’ in Japan

There is a rainy season called ‘Tsuyu’ in Japan. In the Kanto area, this period begins in mid-June and lasts until late July The weather isnot only hum id but also hot, so some people become sick easily. Please be careful not to get food poisoning, too.

The word ‘Tsuyu’ is composed of two Chinese characters (Tsuyu, or Bai-u), each of which means ‘plum (bai)’ and ‘rain (u).’ There are various views regarding the reason why these two Chinese characters are combined to refer to this season.

The most popular one is that plums ripe in the rainy season. One of the Japanese food called Umeboshi (salted plums) are renowned as health foods, and are believed to have some effects as fatigue relieving and protection from heat-related illness. They also have antibacterial effects. So if you put one in your lunch box, it will preserve rice from decay.

Many Japanese people have made Umeboshi (salted plums) at home. They would be helpful to keep in good health during the rainy season.