Information Session for Foreign Residents: How to Apply for Public Housing

Persons who wish to apply for public housing, but who are not sure how, can
attend this session and get help filling out their forms. Free, Reservation required
(English, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish and Tagalog interpreters will be available.)
【When:】Saturday, May 27, 10am to noon
【Where:】Kawasaki International Center 2nd floor Association Meeting Room (協会会議室)
【Application Period:】 until May 23rd (Tues): apply by phone or in person
【Public housing is:】
Constructed jointly by city and national governments (but owned by the city) for low-income people with housing problems to rent at reasonable rates. Unlike on the private market, there's an application period, income criteria and other rules. There's no key money or renewal fee, but a tenant's income is checked every year to determine their rental rate.
【Application criteria:】 (1) legally an adult in Japan,
(2) resident of Kawasaki City for at least a year,
or have worked at the same job in Kawasaki for at least a year
           (3) monthly income not above a certain level
           (4) having serious problems related to housing etc.