Cultural Exchange Gathering

Let's take on African/Angolan food!
June 10th (Sat) 11:00〜14:30
Lets get to know each other and enjoy Angolan culture while making a typical Angolan cuisine

【Where】Kawasaki International Center kitchen
【Limit】20 people (if too many apply, selection will be made by lottery)
※Child care available, for up to 3 children of at least 1 year old
【Class fee】¥1,540 (collected on the day of the class)
【Instructor】Ms. Luzia Mateus (a member of the embassy staff of Republic of Angola)
【How to apply】Get a reply-paid postcard (2 people can apply on 1 card)
and write on it:
  1. class name “Angolan”
  2. your name (both people's names if 2 are applying)
  3. your address
  4. your contact phone number

【Applications must be received by】May 22nd (Mon)