- One-day Daytime Homestay -

Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity for visiting a Japanese family. Let’s enjoy cross-cultural experiences, communicate with a host family and learn Japanese manners and customs. Participation is free!

May 24, 2009 (Sunday)
11:00 am (Kawasaki International Center)
How to get to the Kawasaki International Center
Date for Home Visit:
(You must attend the orientation.) Arranged between you and your host family on May 24.
Foreign Students
Deadline for Application:
May 3 (Sunday)
How to Apply:
Write your name, nationality, school, gender, address, telephone number, e-mail address, hobby (favorites) things you would like to experience with a Japanese family (e.g.: cooking Japanese food, wear a Kimono etc.) Download forms from our website, and send through fax, mail, postcards, or e-mail.
Otherwise, apply on our website “www.kian.or.jp/registration-forms.html” (Closed).
Download forms:
PDF file (Closed)
Word doc file (Closed)

First-come, first-served basis.