Recycle Facilities

Reusable items selected from oversized garbage are displayed and offered free of charge. The display period, lottery date and closed day vary depending on the facility. Please inquire at each facility directly.

Facility Name Location Telephone
Tachibana Recycle Community Center 1-20-3 Shinsaku, Takatsu-ku 044-857-1146
Recycle Village Tsutsumine 52 Tsutsumine, Kawasaki-ku 044-522-3387
Recycle Village Ozenji 1285 Ozenji, Asao-ku 044-952-3866

* There is also a publication called “Eco” which carries advertisements for people who want to offer items they no longer need. “Eco” is a recyclable/reusable items exchange bulletin and is available at ward offices and some municipal facilities.

Tel : 044-435-7000
Facsimile : 044-435-7010
(9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.)
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