Municipal Housing

Eligibility requirements for application for municipal housing include

  1. You have difficulty finding housing;
  2. You either currently live with or plan to live with family/relatives;
  3. You have lived in the city or worked at the same place of employment in the city for one year or longer;
  4. Your income is within the range of the designated income restriction.

Applicants are sought twice a year (spring and fall). The application period is announced in the city bulletin "Shisei Dayori (City Administration News)." Since some facilities accept applications for single-member households, please call the Municipal Housing and Development Department, Kawasaki Housing Corporation (Tel: 044-244-7578) of the City Office for more information.

* For information on prefectural housing, please call the Kanagawa Prefecture Housing Maintenance Section (Tel: 045-210-6557).

Support for Renting Private Housing

If you rent private housing in Japan, a guarantor is usually required. If you cannot find a guarantor, there is a public support program for housing opportunities. Eligibility requirements for application to the program include:

  1. You are capable of paying for rent and other housing expenses;
  2. You are able to lead an independent life;
  3. You have completed foreign resident registration in the city or you work/go to school in the city.

* The guarantor fee for a two-year contract is 35% of one month’s rent and management fee.
* The real estate agents for which this support program can be used is limited to cooperating offices in the city.

For more information, please call the Kawasaki International Association (Tel: 044-435-7000) or Housing Maintenance Section (Tel: 044-200-2997) of the City Office.

* The Kanagawa Prefecture Government also has a Support Center for Housing (Tel: 045-228-1752). (Volunteer interpreters are available.)
* Renters must purchase "Household goods" insurance(renewed once every tow years).

Tel : 044-435-7000
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