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Kawasaki International Association:
Scholarship Programme for Foreign Students

Kawasaki International Association is conducting a scholarship programme for foreign students studying in Japan. The terms and conditions and application procedures are as follows:


Applicants should satisfy all the conditions shown as follows:

  1. Having the visa status of Study (College student / Pre-college student);
  2. Having completed an alien registration required by the Japanese law as a resident of Kawasaki, and living in Kawasaki;
  3. Having been enrolled as a full time student of one of the designated higher educational institutions in Kawasaki city shown as follows.
    Senshu University, Ikuta Campus (Senshu Daigaku)
    Japan Women’s University, Nishi-Ikuta Campus (Nihon Joshi Daigaku)
    Meiji University, Ikuta Campus (Meiji Daigaku)
    Showa University of Music (Showa Ongaku Daigaku)
    Senzoku Gakuen College of Music (Senzoku Gakuen Ongaku Daigaku)
    Japan Institute of the Moving Image (Nihon Eiga Daigaku)
    Den-en Chofu University (Den-en Chofu Gakuen Daigaku)
    St. Marianna University School of Medicine (St. Marianna Ika Daigaku)
    Kawasaki City College of Nursing (Kawasaki Shiritsu Kango Tanki Daigaku)
    College of Business and Communication (Gaigo Business Senmon Gakko)
    Yoneyama Fashion Business College (Yoneyama Fashion Business Senmon Gakko)
    Japan Welding Structure College (Nihon Yosetsu Kozo Senmon Gakko)
    Kawasaki Nursing College (Kawasaki Kango Senmon Gakko)
    YMCA Welfare College (YMCA Fukushi Senmon Gakko)
    St. Marianna University School of Medicine Junior College of Nursing
    (St. Marianna Ika Daigaku Kango Senmon Gakko)
    Takatsu Nursing School (Takatsu Kango Senmon Gakko)
    Kanto Beauty College (Kanto Biyo Senmon Gakko)
  4. Not being a government-sponsored foreign student;
  5. Having demonstrated an excellent academic achievement, and being recommended by the president or principal of his or her school;
  6. Being able to participate in and cooperate for international exchange activities in Kawasaki City.
Application Procedures:
Applications should be submitted to the Kawasaki International Association through the president or principal of your school in Kawasaki City.

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