About the coronavirus vaccination rollout and the consultation on zoom

In Japan, June is called ‘Mina-zuki’ which stands for ‘the month of water’. It seems to have the original meaning such as ‘the month to install water into rice fields.’
By the way, we would like to share with you about 2 information this time.

1) The coronavirus vaccination rollout for people over 65 in Japan has been carried out already.
The timing of your receiving “Vaccination ticket (coupon)” is different according to your age and health status. Please continue to take care of yourself and stay safe until you receive it.

You can check from the below site about the information regarding COVID-19 vaccination from Kawasaki city.

Kawasaki City COVID-19 Vaccine Reservation Call Center
Phone: 0120-654-478 (8:30 – 18:00 Monday – Sunday)
Languages such as English, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese and Spanish are available.

You can consult with the One-stop-center at Kawasaki International Center about questions regarding the vaccination program. Please check our website here.

2) We will start the free consultation on zoom from July 1st, 2021. The details will be announced next time.